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the 6cs of well developed youth

Motivate Canada's approach is inspired by the Positive Youth Development model, developed by youth development researchers such as Richard Lerner and Peter Benson. Lerner created the 6 Cs of well-developed youth, which are integrated into the objectives of all of our programs.

Confidence: having a sense of self-worth based on one's ability to make choices and take initiative.

Competence: having the ability and motivation to master sound educational and vocational skills to make a living.

Connection: having a sense of safety and structure (adequate food, clothing, shelter and security) as well as membership and belonging to one's community.

Character: having a sense of responsibility and accountability and the ability to thrive despite adversity.

Caring: having a sense of empathy and a desire to positively impact one's surroundings.

Contribution: once the first 5 Cs are reached, becoming civically minded and wishing to contribute ideas, time and talents to better one's community.


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