Ljiljana, otherwise known as Lilo, is a 5-time summer Paralympian and World Record holder in the events of women’s discus and shot put. During her long and extraordinary athletic career, Lilo recorded an amazing 19 international podium finishes including medal performances at all world events which she attended between the 1984 Paralympic summer games and the 2003 World Athletic Championships...

Despite her retirement from competitive sports in 2005, it is noteworthy to mention that Lilo still holds both the world record for discus, first held since 1991, and the world record for shot put, first held since 1993. In addition to her expertise in discus and shot put, Lilo has also successfully represented Canada at the Paralympic and World Championship games in team handball for the blind where she was also a multiple medalist and awarded athlete. Blindly ambitious and an exceptional role model for all youth, Lilo continues to commit her time and energy by generously giving back to the world of sport through her many international volunteer positions. Among the many prestigious awards and honours bestowed upon her, she was most recently inducted into the Canadian CPC sport hall of fame (2011) and the Coquitlam hall of fame (2010). Lilo is very much in demand as a world class motivational speaker, she maintains her strength and activity levels to a high standard by working out 5 days a week, she travels the world all year long, lives in Coquitlam and still loves to find the time to visit schools in British Colombia.

Languages spoken: English

Birthplace: Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Current city: Burnaby, BC

Sport: shotput, discus

Favourite Food: spicy ethnic food

Favourite Colour: bright jewel tones, red and fusia

What is your single greatest achievement as an athlete?
six Paralympic medals with Paralympic and world records still unbroken to this day

What is your single greatest achievement outside of sports?
I am the first woman chair of the IPC International Paralympic Committee Athletes' Council representing 6000 Paralympic athletes worldwide, a member of the ex Governing Board and a member of the IOC Athletes Commission. I have also given over 1000 keynote presentations in three languages on four continents.

Who was your role model when you were young?
My parents. My mom who gave me the courage and confidence to become who I am and my dad who gave me the love for sports and the support to pursue my dreams of athletic excellence to their ultimate potential.

English Biography: Download PDF


Hi Lilo. I wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me; it's amazing what you have done, and you have showed me that your dreams can be reached. You actually talked to my school, it was Maple Creek you talked at so just wanted to say thanks.

Kyle - student, Maple Creek Middle School, Coquitlam, BC

We had Lilo last year and she was ULTIMATE.  The best presenter ever in the past 10 years we have booked speakers-

she totally inspired, deeply moved and changed each of our lives.

She will be a hard act to follow.

Andrie Bates, Teacher, Blueridge Elementary, Vancouver

I saw and heard an ESTEEM Team presentation by Ljiljana (Lilo) Ljubisic at the Female Canucks Jamboree in Burnaby this past weekend and was truly moved by her passion and dedication. I am sure all the young girls felt equally inspired by her words. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

Stacey Ann MacMillan-Grant, Vancouver BC (parent)

  • Lindsay Done, ESTEEM Team Manager
  • (613) 789-3333 ext. 601


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