The Wellness Workshop program partners across Canada with ESTEEM Team Athlete Role Models and Motivate Canada’s Youth Ambassadors. It is designed to motivate and educate youth on the importance of overall wellness (mental, physical & nutritional health) while drawing on the power of young people. Youth will have the opportunity to be inspired by an ESTEEM Team athlete and receive mentorship from a Motivate Canada Youth Ambassador with multiple assemblies and leadership workshops. This will result in the creation of a youth-led, healthy active living program within schools and communities.


A Wellness Workshop will provide the following in each of the two visits throughout a 4 month period:

2 - ESTEEM Team – Athlete Role Model Motivational Presentations/Visits:

  • 1st school visit presentation will include information on Nutrition.
  • 2nd school visit will include information on Mental Health.

1-2 Leadership Workshops conducted by a Motivate Canada Youth Ambassador to a select group of youth leaders at your school. They will engage in community mapping activites to help identify areas of need in their school community. The MC Youth Ambassador will help them to create a plan for a school/community initiative that helps to bring together youth in the school, encourages them to be physically active, and develop nutrition and/or mental health awareness.

Leadership students will apply for a grant from Motivate Canada in which they will recieve $500 of funding towards their school/community initiative. The leadership students will then be required to submit a report on the school intitiave they organized and carried out.


For the 2015-2016 school year a 50% subsidy is available to cover partials costs. School are required to pay only $1800 of our $3600 cost to deliver the program.

Contact for more information on how to book a Wellness Workshop Program for you school!


  • For the sixth consecutive year, Active Healthy Kids Canada’s Report Card has given our kids an ‘F’ for Physical Activity Levels [Active Healthy Kids Canada. (2011). 2011 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth – Ontario Report Card Supplement];
  • Less than half of children and youth are getting the recommended number of servings of fruit and vegetables daily [Public Health Agency of Canada. (2011). Actions Taken and Future Directions 2011: Curbing Childhood Obesity: A Federal, Provincial and Territorial Framework for Action to Promote Healthy Weights.];
  • Mental illness is increasingly threatening the lives of our children; with Canada's youth suicide rate the third highest in the industrialized world [Canadian Mental Health Association].


  • Lindsay Done, ESTEEM Team Manager
  • (613) 789-3333 ext. 601


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