GEN7 Messengers visit a community multiple times for a full day each time, over a period of 9-12 months, and work with youth to set realistic short-term and long-term goals for themselves as individuals and for their community. These goals are focused on sport and physical activity in some way. By setting and achieving goals between GEN7 visits, youth recognize their true potential and the power of goal setting by developing sport and recreation programs that meet specific needs within their communities. Some examples of skills that are taught during GEN7 workshops include: goal setting, action planning, fundamental sport skills development, healthy nutrition, fundraising, proposal writing, community mapping, program development, positive youth engagement and organizational skills. Each visit builds on the previous one and incorporates capacity building and cultural activities as well as sport throughout a full day. Physical activity is a key component for each visit and represents between 60%-80% of the day. Between visits, GEN7 role models connect with youth through social media and email providing mentoring and support as the youth work on their goals and projects. Success and the legacy of the GEN7 program is measured by the development of educated youth leaders who contribute to their communities by living healthier lifestyles, mentoring other youth to do the same, and developing sport and recreation projects that bring their community together. 

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