The GEN7 logo was created by GEN7 messengers and Métis graphic designer Chris Laramée. It is an illustration of the vision and mission of the GEN7 program, representing all Aboriginal people.

Why is this logo so important?

The person in the middle of the logo represents a person or role model reaching for their dreams. The stars themselves have several meanings. They represent the seven generations of Aboriginal people to heal our nations, they represent dreams and also the seven sacred teachings: humility, respect, courage, love, wisdom, truth and honesty.

The circles and colors of the logo represent the four nations of people: black, white, yellow and red nations The circles themselves represent, starting from the inside out: the individual youth, family, community and nation.

GEN7’s goal is to increase the health of indigenous nations. Indigenous people have a strong connection to their nations as a whole, and indigenous knowledge recognizes each nation as sovereign and self governing.

The circle as a whole represents all Indigenous people. It encompasses the holism, and connection to each other and to nature which creates balance. The outer circle represents our Métis brothers and sisters, and the individual in the centre of the logo is standing on the Inukshuk which is to our brothers and sisters to the North. The feather on the head of the individual represents the eagle feather which holds several meanings for First Nations people. For many, the eagle is believed to be a messenger of the creator and is a powerful symbol of courage which is why its feathers are such powerful tools for healing. (


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