Lauren is a long track speed skater born in Ottawa, currently based at the Olympic Oval in Calgary specializing in the 3000m, and 5000m events. Her biggest motivation is her father who passed away after a 5 year struggle against ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Completely paralyzed after 2.5 years onset, her father and coach taught her more than imaginable. Lauren used this inexplicably difficult circumstance to reach out to others, raise awareness for ALS, and to have a positive impact on her community. A three-time North American Championship medalist, and now a World Cup racer, Lauren loves reaching out to youth and her community to help them aspire towards their full potential.

Languages spoken: English, French, Italien

Birthplace: Ottawa

Current city: Calgary

Sport: Long Track Speed Skating

Favourite Food: Ice Cream

Favourite Colour: Neon Pink - can't deny it!

What is your single greatest achievement as an athlete?
Qualifying to represent Canada on the World Cup circuit

What is your single greatest achievement outside of sports?
Creating a short documentary to help raise awareness for ALS and being the keynote speaker for ALS Walk 2014

What's your favourite quote or statement?
"Your greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall" - Confuscius

Who was your role model when you were young?
Kristina Groves babysat me when I was young and I always looked up to her as she made her way up the ranks to become a 3x Olympian and 4x Olympic medalist. I was able to have her as a mentor which gave me incredible insight into the high performance world.



  • Lindsay Done, ESTEEM Team Manager
  • (613) 789-3333 ext. 601


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