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The LEAF project builds on the succes of Physical Literacy for Females. Supported by the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund, LEAF uses Motivate Canada’s Youth Driven Development (YDD) philosophy to create opportunities for females including those in Indigenous communities, to be physically active for life and lead healthy lifestyles rooted in physical literacy.

Through LEAF, female participants will not only have opportunities to participate in holistic programming built on principles of physical literacy and healthy living, but will also be able to assist in its creation, ensuring that it is interesting and engages them. This process will ultimately result in more girls engaging in physical activity and developing a multitude of life skills.

The LEAF project builds capacity for girls and young women to participate and lead in sport, and to act as a catalyst to improve the quality of physical activity programming, producing healthier, more active girls and young women. Keeping in mind the barriers and psychosocial factors that contribute to participation, this project addresses the gap in the field of programs that are "female youth-driven" – and will empower young women to become champions and advocates for healthy living, especially for Indigenous females.

PROJECT SUMMARY - Physical Literacy for Females

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 Supported by the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund,  the Motivate Canada Physical Literacy for Females project is a  provincial initiative that uses Youth Driven  Development (YDD) partnered with Canadian Sport for  Life’s Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth training to support the  healthy development of young females across Ontario.

 Using peer role modeling to support females in a process of self-  discovery through leadership, education, mentorship and physical  activity, the MCPLF project will build confidence and enhance capacity  to create and implement health-focused community action projects for  girls and young women in their community. Through community action projects, led by trained facilitators, young women and girls will be provided with opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity that is safe, inclusive and fun. The MCPLF project is designed with known barriers in mind and will seek to improve accessibility to physical activity initiatives for girls and young women using a comprehensive approach, centred on our YDD principles. 

In November 2014, fifteen facilitators between the ages of 18-24 were selected from across Ontario and have been certified as Youth Driven Development Trainers and masters of physical literacy. They connected with a local community organization to support the project and mentored and collaborated with emerging youth leaders from their community on community action projects. The community workshop, led by the Facilitators, focuses on incorporating physical literacy into programming for girls and creating opportunities to engage young females in sport and physical activity.

Community Action Projects: Facilitators and Community Champions developed and implemented a community action project of their own design that addresses the physical activity needs and wants of girls in their community. The aim of the projects is to provide a physical activity program through their partner organization that is designed to engage young females, increase physical literacy, and provide quality programming that reduces barriers.


Physical Literacy Facilitator Profiles

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