What is the connection with the Sport for Life Summit?

We joined up again with the Sport for Life and their national Summit. Our event is right before theirs and at the same location. Delegates have the opportunity to register for the S4L Summit (a separate registration is available here http://sportforlifesummit.ca). This is an incredible networking opportunity to meet and mingle with successful and connected professionals working in Sport and Physical activity, government, non-profit, and more. 

There will be several similar themes with the two Summits. Some may say that the ViaYOUTH Summit is very strong at the practical and inspirational side for youth leaders and aspiring leaders, while the S4L Summit is academic and offers a high level of professional development for those in the field of sport and recreation.  

Does the schedule allow for flexibility given the potential conflict of exams?

The 2019 ViaYouth Summit timing may not be ideal for some, but yes, this does run for 3 days straight and it is ideal that everyone will stay at the hotel (with the group) for the duration. We will ensure there is some down time for studying, but we know that there will be conflicts with exams. This timing had to be chosen in order for us to work with the Canadian Sport for Life Summit. It really is a great opportunity for us and many youth who may be interested in using sport and physical activity to build stronger communities.

We really do hope that many youth are able to find a way to make it work for them. If you have suggestions we should explore with our youth team, please let us know.  

WHAT IS ViaYouth Summit 2019

It’s a 3-day conference all about the potential of YOUth and empowering youth to create positive change in their communities. It’s all about youth leadership and using sport, physical activity and recreation as a tool for personal development, community development and healthy lifestyles! Youth who attend this summit will connect with 49 other passionate youth (age 18-26) from and about 200 other professionals in the sport and recreation fields across Canada. It's not just about talking…it's about youth-driven development and taking action in your community when you get home! The ViaYouth Summit is created for youth by youth! It is organized and delivered by a group of youth leaders from all across Canada.

See our info page here:  VYS19-Summary-backgrounder-info-page.pdf

 Is this the new thing as the ACTIVATE forums?

Yes. However these forums/Summits have been rebranded and the content refreshed.  

Who is doing the workshops?

  • Our Youth Alumni run the show. It is their Summit and their passionsand stories come out in the content presented. Delegates this year will ideally be part of the youth team next year. This Year's team is made up of some fearless and experienced amazing people:   Gabriela Estrada (Chair), Brianne MacPherson, Kyla Crocker - NS, Leland MacLeaod (GEN7), Meaghan Marton,  Lindley Crispo, Patrick Kelly, and Cassi Hutchinson. Profiles coming soon. 


The ViaYOUTH Leadership Summit engages youth in creating positive change in their communities! It also explores the need for youth-driven development and helps young people develop relationships, support, tools, and plans that they need in order to gain meaningful experience and make some positive changes in their communities. There is an inactivity crisis in Canada! Currently, young people are not active enough to achieve the full health benefits of sport, physical activity and recreation - and many physical activity initiatives in Canada do not engage young people effectively. Motivate Canada believes that in order for young people to be more involved in recreation, sport and physical activity, they need to be engaged in creating their own solutions! Youth development research shows that when young people are engaged and contributing to their communities they feel more confident and more likely to lead positive and healthy lifestyles. ViaYouth will help youth find their voice and help them to act on their goals and passions.


Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, between the ages of 18-26 (with some flexibility) are eligible to apply. Youth who have an interest in leadership and sport, physical activity and/or recreation and who want to make a difference in their community should apply to attend this forum. Interested youth must register through www.motivatecanada.ca

We hope to have a diverse group of youth attend the forum. We encourage anyone and everyone who fits the above criteria to apply, including youth with diverse experiences, language, ability levels and more.

I am not between 18 and 26 years old, can I still participate?

Some exceptions can be made on a case by case scenario. You need to contact us at

Who do I contact form more information?

If you are having any difficulty applying on-line, or have any questions or concerns about the event or process, please contact Dan at or call toll free 1-866-378-3361 ext. 227


The deadline to apply was Dec 5th, 2018 by 11:00 PM EST. However, we have space on our waitlist and every year we are able to select youth from this list to join - limited space is available, therefor registering as soon as possible is important. 


Yes! Our Youth team has refreshed the material and will ensure a great learning experience for everyone.  

WHERE & WHEN IS ViaYouth Summit 2019?

The ViaYouth Summit is January 20-22, 2019 is being held at the beautiful Hilton Lac Leamy in Gatineau Quebec.   

I live within driving distance, do I need to stay in the hotel?

If you do not need a hotel room, contact us to discuss options. It is always most ideal if you can stay at the hotel even if you are close by. The full ViaYOUTH experience is best when we are together.     

Do you pay mileage?

We will pay your mileage at $0.40/km (This option is great if you can carpool to help us all save on costs)


When do I need to arrive? When do I need to leave? What nights do I have a hotel room?

Staying Saturday night the 19th of January is optional (we will have an optional reception as this is when many "out-of-towners" will be arriving and staying the night). The registration fee does not get adjusted if you are not requiring a room on Saturday and plan to arrive on Sunday to check-in at 8:00am.

Hey, we would love to say never, but all good things come to an end. The official ViaYOUTH Summit component ends on January 22nd.  Motivate Canada is covering hotel accommodations for the nights of Saturday January 19th, Sunday the 20tht, and Monday the 21st.    The official program of Sport for Life Summit starts on January 23rd.  

For travellers, since we are covering and arranging travel for anyone from out of town, you can tell us if you wanted to arrive earlier or leave later. Some delegates enjoy giving themselves a few days of visiting Ottawa or the surrounding area. This is certainly fun if you have the time, but it would be your responsibility to arrange accommodations, meals, etc. outside of our Summit program (you will be on your own and should not miss your flights as we will not be responsible for any fees or additional costs).



All delegates, including Motivate Canada staff and volunteers, will be staying in a specific block of the Hilton Lac-Leamy. Delegates will be paired by gender and accommodations will be two to a suite (two queen sized beds - Double occupancy). We will take any preferences into consideration when assigning room mates.   

Delegates can request Private rooms (subject to availability) for an additional $90 per night)



We have partnered with Flight Centre Business Travel to arrange the travel for the upcoming forum. This includes Planes and Trains. Please reach out to our dedicated travel manager, Nicole Walter to finalize your travel reservations. Working with Nicole at Flight Centre has allowed us to access corporate rates on several flight itineraries which may provide for reduced rates on airfare. Nicole can be reached by phone or email at (613) 599-5245 or 

Note that management at Motivate Canada will review all travel plans coordinated by Flight Centre. We will need to ensure plans are efficient and convenient for all - for example, we will not approve First Class flights when more economical options are available. As well, we will avoid unreasonable multiple stops or extended travel if we can get a more convenient options for you. Our goal is that everyone will have a positive travel experience with minimal stress or hardship. 


Thanks to the support of the Sport Canada, the participation fee for selected youth is only $599 (to be paid upon being accepted into the Summit). This fee includes all travel, accommodations, meals and supplies. Delegates will only need additional money if they wish to buy souvenirs or other personal things while in Gatineau or passing through Ottawa Ontario. Payment is due by Dec 8th, 2018; we encourage youth to consider ways to fundraise for the participation fee. 

Please note, the participation fee applies to all selected youth no matter where they are from, however, there can be arrangements made for local youth not requiring a hotel room (overnight accommodations).

What if I can't afford the registration fee?

Currently, our budget calls for all participants to pay for the full registration fee in order for us to break even. Although there may be some circumstances where we can cut some expenses and therefore have some wiggle room with some registration fees, we ask that all delegates plan on covering their registration fee.   

Many youth over the years have been successful at getting their fee sponsored by a community partner, their school, sports team/club, service club or their employer. Some youth have also raised their own funds through a GoFundMe.com or other type of "peer-to-peer" fund raising tool or Social Media app. A sample message can be and more tips and tricks can be found here: fundraising-tips-and-tricks-VYS19.pdf 


There are no refunds. However we can accept transfers if replacement meets the criteria for the Summit (age, location, etc).


Motivate Canada does not provide direct subsidies for the costs (participation fee, and their travel); however, we will provide a letter of support for a registered youth who wish to seek sponsorship from other sources. We encourage youth to look to the resources in their communities, such as local fundraising initiatives, their schools, local community foundations/groups, Rotary Clubs, youth councils, sports groups, and/or any group they may be affiliated with. We will also contact a potential sponsor on behalf of the youth if requested.  


Youth will receive notification of their registration status by e-mail from by December 7th, 2018 - or sooner. 


There are no chaperones; however, there is a dedicated team of Motivate Canada staff and volunteers who are responsible for the delegates at all times during the conference. Prior to the event, each delegate must sign a Participant Consent Form which outlines all the activities and risks that are associated with participating in ViaYOUTH Summit 2018. If in the case that this agreement is violated, Motivate Canada will decide the appropriate action. Consequences will be as serious as being sent home from the conference at the delegate’s and/or guardian’s own expense (this is outlined in the consent form). Delegates under the age of 18 will require a parent/guardian signature. Activities are planned for delegates during the daytime, evening, and night hours. All delegates are expected to participate in all scheduled forum activities without exceptions. There will be free time allotted in the schedule for down time.


ViaYouth Summit 2019 is proudly supported in part by the Government of Canada. 


The conference schedule is in development and will be available in January 2019. The conference will begin with registration as delegates arrive in Gatineau throughout the day on January 19th and 20th. The program will officially begin with an opening ceremony on the morning of January 20th, 2019. The conference will come to a close Tuesday January 22nd at 4pm – there is an optional opportunity to participate in the Sport for Life Summit that officially starts on Wednesday the 23rd of January.


ViaYouth delegates will participate in a variety of activities such as icebreakers to get to know each other better; team building activities; interactive youth development, community development and leadership workshops, small group discussions and goal-setting and action planning workshops. Delegates will also hear from a variety of keynote speakers throughout the forum and learn more about the differences and diversity of sport cultures across Canada. In addition to the various interactive activities and workshops, delegates will have the opportunity to PLAY. ViaYOUTH will ensure that delegates have organized time where they can be physically active, expend some energy, have fun and learn something new. 


Each individual will have a slightly different experience; however, delegates participating can expect to leave the forum with increased skills, increased confidence, a greater network of friends, resources/tools, an action plan and a greater understanding of themselves as leaders. Delegates will meet other like-minded youth and will learn what life is like in other parts of the province. Youth will have a chance to share their own personal stories and talk about issues important to them and to youth in their communities. Delegates will develop a greater understanding of the importance of sport, physical activity and recreation as a tool for personal and community development and develop the skills and tools to put their ideas into action after the conference. The Summit promises to be an interactive learning experience where youth will create new friendships and support networks and leave the forum with the confidence, skills and resources to make a positive change in their communities as leaders.

What do I bring? What do I wear?

A list of items will be sent in a delegate pre-summit package in late December or early January. Nothing major will be required. This is a casual event with a couple dinners. Sometimes a more professional attire may be useful for the networking component, however, there is no official networking event other than social time with panelists and presenters this year (2019).

We will include at least one outing will involve physical activity. It will be adapted to ensure everyone can participate and we will inform you on the details in early January. Appropriate indoor and/or outdoor clothing will be recommended.  


Download the Delegate Welcome package (available January 14th, 2019)


- Program Guide

- Guest Info - Bio Page :  Guest-Info_3.pdf

- Expense Form




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