Kory Goulais is of Ojibway decent from Nipissing First Nation, a reservation with approximately 900 residents located on the beautiful shores of Lake Nipissing. Kory grew up among family and friends in his home community. Very early in life, Kory discovered that he had a love for sports, specifically, baseball. He began playing the “beautiful game” at age three and, at the age of 27, has yet to stop.

Lori Pittautuq Tagoona was born her ataatatsiaq’s uncle. Her anaanatsiaq named her Pittauttuq in appreciation for the kindness he showed her when no one else did. Lori’s family played a large role in shaping the person she is today. Her mother kept her in line and constantly reminded her of family & Inuit values. Her father encouraged her to think critically and see beyond her community.

Lynette Kryminski is a young Cree woman from Cross Lake First Nation in Manitoba. Lynette currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Patrick Mitsuing Loon Lake, SK

My name is Julie Desrochers and I am Métis from a small French community called Saint-Boniface which runs along the banks of the Red River right at the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba. My aboriginal roots come from the Chippewa people, who lived in the old Northwest territories (Today: Louisiana/ Minnesota/Michigan Area).

Sage Morin Edmonton, AB

Myles Ledesma Edmonton, AB

Adam believes in the positive power of sport. He was born on Haida Gwaii and follows his mother’s Haida lineage to the Tsiij Gitanne Eagle Clan, and from his Father’s side he is Ukrainian.

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