Jordan Anthony Miller is Bear Clan belonging to the Mohawk (People of the Flint) Nation of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory near Brantford, Ontario where he currently resides.

Jordan is 23 years of age and just recently graduated with his Social Service Worker diploma through a unique educational partnership between the First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI) and St. Lawrence College of Kingston, Ontario.

Jordan has a strong sense of leadership and is dedicated to promoting a sense of traditional well-being in Aboriginal youth by living up to his Mohawk name, Teshakotennyon’s – he changes things. These strong characteristics were instilled in him by his mother who was his inspiration and role model.  She is an accomplished presenter who travels around the world sharing her ideas related to education, healing and wellness and social work.  Jordan’s father provided a strict but loving physical presence and showed him how hard work and determination pays off.  “Dad had me working with my hands in various framing jobs when I was young,” says Jordan, “and from him, I learned the importance of completing tasks and doing a good job.”

Jordan was raised with traditional teachings and ceremonies that taught him about respect, bravery, honesty, truth, love, humility and wisdom.  These 7 teachings are what kept me focused on my journey through life which was sometimes difficult because of the choices I made.  I had to learn how to accept situations, whether good or bad, because there was always a lesson or something for me to learn about myself or others.

Through his love of basketball and his desire for new experiences, Jordan had the opportunity to travel across Canada.  He did a school placement in Nunavut and Calgary, Alberta where he lived for a short time.  He has travelled to various places in the United States (Hawaii was his favourite), South Africa, New Zealand, Ecuador in South America and Amsterdam in Europe.  While assisting his mother with her teachings and work, Jordan had the opportunity to learn how to communicate and network.
In learning how to be independent, Jordan credits being “street smart” with helping him to establish connections with Aboriginal youth who may be struggling in their lives.  Jordan has a strong vision and desire to create a “youth leadership development” program designed for Aboriginal youth that incorporates the visual and performing arts, music, sports, and traditional culture.     

GEN7 Messenger Jordan Miller talks about role models and the importance of the GEN7 Program.

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