Lori Pittautuq Tagoona was born her ataatatsiaq’s uncle. Her anaanatsiaq named her Pittauttuq in appreciation for the kindness he showed her when no one else did. Lori’s family played a large role in shaping the person she is today. Her mother kept her in line and constantly reminded her of family & Inuit values. Her father encouraged her to think critically and see beyond her community.

Lori grew up playing sports, just like everyone else in her family. She played soccer competitively at the regional, territorial and circumpolar level. One of her proudest moments includes winning territorials in overtime. Following that tournament, her team represented Nunavut at the Arctic Winter Games. Lori also enjoys volleyball and softball but snowboarding has become one of her newest interests.

In March 2009, Lori attended the ACTIVATE conference in Ottawa. She had applied because she was already coaching in her community, and wanted to see what else she could do. Lori was shy and timid, but left the conference with an action plan. She had made up her mind to coordinate a soccer camp for youth in her community. The following summer, she was lucky to work for the Kivalliq Outreach Program (KOP) as an Assistant Youth Coordinator. By working with KOP, the local recreation coordinator & Sport Nunavut, over 100 youth were able to attend the 5 day soccer camp.

In September 2009, Lori volunteered in the Canada World Youth - Youth Leaders in Action program. Although she had lived in Ottawa before, this was the first time for her to leave her Inuit connections. On a team of Canadians & Ukrainians, she spent 6 months in Netishyn, Ukraine & Mission, BC. Following this program, Lori worked for CWY as the Aboriginal Access & Support Intern in Montreal, QC. This was a very exciting time as CWY had launched many initiatives in hopes of improving the experience of Aboriginal volunteers.

In September 2011, Lori will return to Ottawa to complete the 2nd Year of the Nunavut Sivuniksavut. Here she will continue to learn about Inuit history & culture, the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, Circumpolar Studies while gaining university experience.

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