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Sam did an incredible job today! He was engaging and informative, I had several postive comments from both staff and students!! Sam's presentation was filled with excitement and amazing real life stories of goal setting and how hard work makes a difference in our lives. His style of speaking was engaging and enjoyable for all of our students at Banting and Best! We are all following his journey to get to the upcoming Olympics, thank you for such an inspirational and fun session Sam!!

Gabriel’s organization of his presentation showed that he was well prepared. He explained very well how to achieve goals and persevere through obstacles. Gabriel’s great interpersonal skills and personality meant that everyone felt very comfortable with him. A great athlete humble, gentle and respectable.

Teachers and students loved Gabriel’s presentation. Even being a top athlete, he is a very humble and determined individual. Children have realized that you can be kind to others face while managing your life at a high level. Hard work, determination and perseverance lead you to achieve your goals and your success. It all depends on you and not others.

Kieran taught me that you should always stay positive and go for your goals and dreams no matter how tough your obstacles are. I loved the stories he told. He was a good speaker that was easy and interesting to listen to. It was one of the best presentations I have seen.
Kevin focused on his SMART goal process and sacrifice rather than his end game. As a result, the students were able to make strong connections to his story. He has a great story and great delivery. His ability to overcome obstacles and keep going was very inspiring. The presentation was honestly very well done. It was very informative and educational. He spoke from his heart and was extremely humble.
Kieran was fantastic!  The students were very engaged in his story, and commented that it was so much more interesting than the regular drug and alcohol lecture.  And the elementary loved the hockey cards! A very enjoyable day for all!
Chelsea was terrific and did a great job engaging the students. I really enjoyed the references of goal-setting to her Olympic experiences.

Chelsea’s ESTEEM Team presentation exceeded my expectations! She was a wonderful speaker and caught student interest. She was able to relate to students and with no notes!

  • Lindsay Done, ESTEEM Team Manager
  • (613) 789-3333 ext. 601


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