Her (Darcy Marquardt) stories as a young person related to our students and the fact that she is a local girl that made it to the Olympic podium made it more “real” for our students. 

I liked Brian Nugent’s ESTEEM Team presentation a lot! It was really funny. And he brought visuals. You could see how he was trying to explain things. A lot of what he was telling me with SMART goals and everything … its things that I can use in everyday life like with planning tools. So I liked that; I can use it and carry it out after the presentation.

ESTEEM Team's Mark Hatfield visited our school on Thursday for a motivational, hilarious, goal setting assembly this week.

He is a former NFL/CFL/CIS football player who now does public speaking, on TV shows, and is a firefighter. I've never seen such a great show nor such a well-organized group. We've never had a better assembly in all of the 10 years I've been at Canterbury! Such a well-organized group you have that benefits so many students in different ways! The cost is only $600 as it is subsidized by Motivate Canada. There other speakers you can choose from. There are also small group options from ESTEEM Team. I would definitely recommend having him or another member of their team at your school.

I liked Kara Zakrzewski's presentation! When she was talking about how she also went through things that would have slowed down her path of getting to where she wanted to be. She wanted to be an Olympic athlete and she was really motivated to reach that goal. And it was inspiring to know that she really started out just like us. We always assume professional athletes start out perfect.  The only difference is she had a goal and made steps to achieve it. I just thought that I can start now and set myself up to achieve what I hope to do. They don’t have to be really long-term goals, like ‘I want to become the number one athlete in the world.’ They can be small things too. For example, I want to make it to the junior championships. Once I get there, I can keep going on with them.  Her motivation inspired me to go a little bit further than I had thought before.
Josh (Vander Vies) was FANTASTIC!  He was very inspiring and a pleasure to work with. One of the students I heard from said that meeting Josh was the best part of his day (and we had a lot of fun things happening that day!!!). Thanks again for providing such a great speaker!  I would love to have him come out again. I’ll be in touch for future events!

WOW! Benoit (St-Amand)'s ESTEEM Team presentation was absolutely incredible. It was probably one of the most inspiring "when life gives you lemons" presentations I have ever attended.  Our students and teachers had nothing but positive things to share about the whole experience.  THANK YOU for making initiatives like this possible. Again, a huge thanks to you and your team for this whole experience...simply lovely!!!

I think Kyle (Grant)’s presentation was perfect and it inspired me to set more goals to reach in my life.

Dear Motivate Canada & ESTEEM Team:

Thank you for the a fabulous presentation and providing the subsidy funding opportunity without which schools like ours have to decline based on cost.  The booking was easy and  Darin Kyle put on a SUPER SHOW with a SUPER MESSAGE.

  • Lindsay Done, ESTEEM Team Manager
  • (613) 789-3333 ext. 601


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