Kieran taught me to follow my dreams and to never give up.
Kieran (Block) is an excellent presenter, very captivating and relates well with the students.  He was very ‘real’ to his story and included real life scenarios. GREAT JOB!
This presentation was one of my favourite parts of the week, if not my favourite. Chelsea was so incredibly inspiring, and definitely touched every body in the room with her story and emotion. 
Her presentation was also very inspirational and emotional talking about how she persevered through her injuries, and may not have even been here today was very touching. 
I LOVED IT! Her story was amazing and she was such a wonderful speaker. I could tell that she lit a spark in everyone of us in that room that listened to her incredible journey, and we were all moved by what she had to say. 
She (Kara Zakrzewski) taught me that if on my journey, I  fall or fail, I must always get back up.  And that I should plan my future, instead of waiting for things to happen.
Our students were extremely engaged. Kara (Zakrzewski) was very enthusiastic, well spoken, and she created an amazing energy in the room.

  • Lindsay Done, ESTEEM Team Manager
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