[Chelsea Lariviere was] fantastic! Thanks for your help and thanks for coming to speak to our students!  You motivated everyone in the gymnasium!! My grade 10 girls PE class loved you and found you very inspiring!!!   Keep it up and I hope you speak to many, many more schools! 

Our school, Convent Glen Catholic, was very fortunate to have Darin Kyle, an amazing member of the Esteem Team, come to present at our school!

Darin’s world championship tap dancing style kept the students excited and engaged. He motivated them with his story of perseverance and hard work. Students had an opportunity to share in his love of dance by participating in grade appropriate dances taught during the day.

This is our second time having Darin to our school and our students and staff alike have enjoyed and benefitted from both presentations. I would highly recommend having him present at your school!

The main message that I took from Amber Konikow’s ESTEEM Team presentation is that you should do as much as you can to get closer to your goal and to never stop trying to achieve it.

Nick (Ugoalah) was excellent! He shared many powerful life lessons and did an amazing job of integrating our school's values into his presentation.

It was great to have Keith (Castello) speak to our students.  I especially liked that he had many students volunteering their personal goals, making them accountable.  The students were engaged and learned what it takes to work for their goals. Thank you ESTEEM TEAM!
The message I took from Mr. (Keith) Castello was the importance of setting goals and overcoming obstacles to achieve them.  I love that he gave his Esteem Team cards to us and gave away cool prizes too.
The main message I took away from Adam Kreek’s presentation was to make my goals Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reaslistic and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) Thanks Esteem Team!
I want to thank the Esteem Team once again for coming in and speaking with our group. Your story was certainly one of personal perserverence as well as inspiring, and touching. Thanks for bringing your enthusiasm, sense of humor and motivational messages. I think the presentation you guys gave not only provided us with great snap shot of the wonderful work you are able to provide to youth, but it also provided a bit of a team building opportunity for us as well! Thanks so much for the wonderful work you do.

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