Wow!! On a bright sunny morning in May, students at Charles Hulse Public School were treated to an inspirational and motivational presentation from world tap dance champion....DARIN KYLE. With the bass sounds of today’s music playing, Darin tapped his way from behind the curtains and into the minds of today’s youth. With energy to burn, bouncing hand springs and feet so fast you could hardly see them, Darin brought the audience alive!! When the dancing ended the message began. A message that was given at the appropriate level of understanding for Junior age students. Real life examples were given that students could personally relate to. Darin has an uncanny ability to get the students excited and involved, but also to model the respect and warmth from him, that is expected in them. When it was time to listen, they listened. When he asked for audience participation that is what he got! Don't forget to ask Darin for one final dance!! You won't be disappointed. It was one of the highlights of our school year. The Esteem Team supports all that schools are trying to do in the area of "character building", and setting SMART goals. Give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

We recently had our first ever ESTEEM Team athlete (Darin Kyle) present at our school, and it will not be our last. The students loved him, and a true testament to his effectiveness was the fact that well after Darin had left I noticed the children searching for his info and the Esteem Team while in their computer labs.

Thank you to Kevin (Rempel) and to Esteem Team for providing this very valuable opportunity for our students. We had a phenomenal event with Kevin here today. He was wonderful and connected with our very special school population. His story was very powerful and I know he moved many of our kids and staff. Please thank him on our behalf.
I just wanted to drop a note letting you know what a fantastic job Kia (Byers) did at our school today.  She is such a genuine person – our students really took to her message.  Thank you for offering the Esteem Team Goal Setting program. 

Wow, what a fantastic presentation Kara (Zakrzewski) put on. Such a great program. The presentation had practical things that our girls do to feel empowerment and to see that they have potential in achieving their goals. It was a great way for us to kick off our FUEL  (Females Using Energy for Life) program.  There were some practical suggestions to the girls such as the goal setting staircase activity and filling in your own photo to where you want to be in the future.  Girls need to hear more that they are powerful and that they have control in their lives.  Again, thank you again for such a great presentation.  We look forward to working with you this year.  

Kara (Zakrzewski) and the Esteem Team exceeded our expectations.  Esteem Team provided ‘life changing’ info to our students with an extremely positive and outgoing individual – TOTALLY IMPRESSED! **OUTSTANDING** 
I cannot say enough good things about Brian and his presentation, the kids ate him up and the IFTA team was fantastic as usual, a great day with a great message, thanks so much for your help today.
Thank you very much Tania (Archer) for such a great program.  I can see by Yana's note that she has taken much to heart.  She is someone who has a learning disability. She is often very hard on herself and lacks confidence in many areas. Thank you for taking the time to speak with her.  It has obviously made a difference.

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