Isabelle taught me to set goals, to be determined, and to do my best to achieve them.
Isabelle's presentation was wonderful! She was engaging, well spoken, and her message was powerful! Thank you ESTEEM Team! 
Benoit (St-Amand) taught me to believe in myself and to try and accomplish my dreams.
He achieved the perfect balance between seriousness and humour while finding a way to discuss a very sensitive subject. Bravo!
Chelsea taught me to never give up on whatever I want to do.
Kaiden loved it (ESTEEM Team program) and talked non-stop about it!
Her (Darcy Marquardt) stories as a young person related to our students and the fact that she is a local girl that made it to the Olympic podium made it more “real” for our students. 

I liked Brian Nugent’s ESTEEM Team presentation a lot! It was really funny. And he brought visuals. You could see how he was trying to explain things. A lot of what he was telling me with SMART goals and everything … its things that I can use in everyday life like with planning tools. So I liked that; I can use it and carry it out after the presentation.

  • Lindsay Done, Coordonnatrice du programme ESTEEM Team 
  • (613) 789-3333 ext. 601
    Sans frais 1-866-ESTEEM-1


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