Canada’s Annual Youth-Driven Development™ Summit.

The annual ViaYOUTH Summit is designed by Canadian youth, for Canadian youth, where youth appreciate their value and are empowered to contribute to meaningful social and economic issues.

Since 2004

Motivate Canada has hosted a national youth leadership forum since 2004, in addition to dozens of regional forums across Ontario, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia.

Our national ViaYOUTH Summit platform was cultivated from more than 25 years of innovation in youth empowerment, and is on a mission to become Canada’s Annual Youth-Driven Development Summit.

Youth Voices

“Just being here for these past couple of days has really made me feel POWERFUL, and like a LEADER…it really gives me a fire in my heart, that I hope does not go out…that I can keep fanning this flame inside my heart to do better for my community and the world.”

-2020 ViaYOUTH Summit Delegate

to our Partners in Youth-Driven Development™